Cardiff CC Championship

Rules 2003 - 2012


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The rules are simple enough: there is no timetable, and no deadlines.

You just turn up at the Cardiff Chess Club, find an opponent in the same section, and play him! If you cannot find an opponent, just tell me (John Trevelyan, or anybody else on the committee) and say that you cannot find an opponent. You will be given an "Appearance Point".

At the end of the season, any game that is not completed (including unfinished adjournments) will be awarded to the player with the higher number of "Appearance Points".

Unless otherwise stated, the FIDE laws of chess shall apply.

There is, as yet, no penalty if a mobile phone rings during a game.

Tie splitting: Ties (except for the championship itself) shall be resolved by examining the previous season's results: If two or more players achieve identical scores, their finishing order will be the same as it was in the previous season.


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