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Rules 2012 - 2013


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The Club committee, given that the competition to decide the club champion should be played in an honest and sporting manner, has the final say on any question of interpretation of these rules.

The Championship runs from one club AGM to two weeks before the following AGM, and all games should be played in this period.

Time Control

The player who has the choice of time control may choose between the following options:

a) Current EGCL rules: Each player has 60 minutes for the first 30 moves, plus an extra 25 minutes for the rest of the game.

b) Previous EGCL rules: Each player has 75 minutes for the entire game.

c) Even older EGCL rules: Each player has 75 minutes for the first 35 moves, plus 15 minutes for each subsequent 7 moves. After 150 minutes, the player on move must seal a move and the game is adjourned. On resumption, time is added to the clocks such that each player has 150 minutes for the entire game.

Appearance points

Any game which is not played, or not completed, by the end of the Championship period is awarded to the player who has made the greater effort to arrange that the game is played. This is generally the player with the greater number of Appearance Points (APs). Each player is awarded an appearance point automatically for each game that is completed, regardless of how the game was arranged or where it was played. A player may announce his availability to play a game on any particular Wednesday by e-mailing such availability to every player in his section (and me, the Tournament Controller. 48 hours notice, please). Any player may accept his offer to play a game. If no player accepts this invitation to play (24 hours notice, please) then the player making the offer will earn an AP. A player may also announce his availability to play at the club on some night other than Wednesday, or at his home on a weekend, or even on a beach in Mallorca, but no AP will be earned for such offers.

Note that whenever a player makes an offer or accepts an offer, he should e-mail to every player in his section and to me (the Tournament Controller).

Promotion and Relegation

Division One of the championship is intended to be contested by (normally nine, sometimes ten) players.

At the end of each season, the two (maybe three) players who finish below 7th place in Division One will be relegated to Division Two, and two players will be promoted (one player from each section) from Division Two to Division One.

In order to avoid the possibility of a new (strong) player having to work his way up through Division Two (arguably a pointless waste of a year) he may apply to enter Division One directly. One player may be chosen from such applicants by the club committee. The word new is intended to exclude players who have been scheduled to play in Division Two in any of the previous three seasons. If any player scheduled to play in Division One chooses not to play in any season, the committee may choose another new strong applicant to replace him. Also, if no new applicant has been chosen, a new strong applicant may be admitted by the committee at any time up to Christmas.


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